Alianza para la Acción Climática Argentina

A new coalition of Argentinian businesses, cities, investors, civil society, and universities banded together to form the Alianza para la Acción Climática Argentina. Members include clothing company Patagonia, cosmetics company Natura, the capital city of Buenos Aires, University of El Salvador, and the association of 2,000 agro-commodity producers in Argentina called CREA. Together this coalition represents over 13 million citizens and over 30% of the nation’s economy.

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Japan Climate Initiative

Nearly 300 leading companies and leaders from regional government calling for a decarbonized Japanese society. Founding members including five companies with 100% renewable energy targets, and 15 companies with approved science-based targets, including Japanese multinational conglomerates Ricoh and Sony.

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Alianza para la Acción Climática de Guadalajara

Over 35 Mexican entities – including the University of Guadalajara, the local government of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, the government of the state of Jalisco and the Mexican company Fortius – commit to work hand and hand with the national government to accelerate implementation of its pledge to reduce 22% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and up to 36% with international support.

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United States

We Are Still In

Over 3,000 signatories, collectively representing 170 million Americans and $6.4 trillion in U.S. GDP, ensuring the US remains a global leader in reducing emissions. ACA will work collaboratively with We Are Still In in the United States to ratchet up ambition at the domestic level to achieve the Paris Agreements goals.

Declaration and signatories


“Mayors of the world’s greatest cities are committed to delivering on the highest ambition of the Paris Agreement and are delivering bold policies for a sustainable future. Collaboration with business leaders, states, regional governments and civil society is essential to delivering on this ambitious vision. C40 Cities is proud to join this important initiative to accelerate climate action in countries around the world.”

– Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

“While national governments are vital to the transition to low-carbon, it is through collective action and collaboration between companies, investors, cities, states and regions that we will reach the pace and scale needed to truly build a sustainable economy. Data and transparency are vital to this transition, with disclosure of environmental risk and impacts being the crucial first step for action. CDP holds the richest global dataset of self-reported environmental data from companies and cities around the world, and we are seeing unprecedented action. The transformation of the global economy is already underway. Now is the time to urgently accelerate this shift to meet the goals of the historic Paris Agreement.”

– Paul Simpson, CEO, CDP

“The transformation to a 100% Renewable Energy economy has started, and now every sector in every country is working on fighting on climate change. What we need is to ensure that these sectors are coordinating together in order to ensure that this transition is fast enough and fair. The only way to overcome this challenge is to congregate efforts and work together through national alliances for climate action; including businesses, cities, NGOs, academia, and others. Multi-stakeholder partnerships will not only help meet the climate challenge but will create solid anchors for economic development and sustainable jobs and prosperity.”

– Wael Hmaidan, Executive Director, Climate Action Network

“The Climate Group brings together powerful networks of businesses and state and regional governments to accelerate climate action. We know that through effective collaboration at the subnational level we can shift global markets and policies towards a world of under 2 ℃ of warming.”

– Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group

“Ensuring a climate safe future requires cooperation at all levels. Avina is working with non-state actors and national governments to build multi-stakeholder partnerships and the new institutional frameworks needed for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Our joint work with ACA and its members enable us to enhance scale, accelerate innovation and increase our impact building truly national movements for climate action.”

– Gabriel Baracatt, Executive Director, Fundación Avina.

When businesses, cities, states, civil society and others collaborate to build a cleaner future faster, governments are given greater confidence to pass ambitious climate policies, which in turn increase low-carbon innovation and investment. These ‘ambition loops’ will create unstoppable momentum toward a zero emissions future.

– Nigel Topping, CEO, WMB

“There’s a new face of climate leadership emerging from around the world: CEOs, university presidents, civil society and leaders from local government and indigenous communities. They are demanding climate action and partnering together to accelerate implementation in key countries. This is a global groundswell and we are all in.”

– Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Leader, WWF’s global climate and energy programme